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Interactive Virtual Reception (IVR)


A Virtual Interactive Voice Response or IVR is a sophisticated synergistic voice answering system; it is like having a virtual operator guiding your caller to the correct department or destination. By adding an IVR to your system, callers to your business will hear a voice guiding them to the department or extension they want to contact, quickly and efficiently.


 For example “Hello and welcome to XXX, please press 1 for Sales, 2 for Accounts, 3 for Customer Service etc” or “Hello, please press 1 for Alan, 2 for Betty or 3 to go through to an operator.”


An IVR can be customised to your needs and have many uses, for example you can have your own greetings, names of your departments or personnel, advertising for your business, record frequently asked questions such as business hours, directions, product information  or directions for self-service. Alternatively you can use one of our pre-recorded messages.


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