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TelOration Business & Home VoIP Telephony Service

TelOration Biz Pro


Is for established businesses that want to continue expanding in their industry while trying to keep overheads to a minimum. This package would also be ideal for companies moving from a small workforce to a medium sized workforce or a company that is expanding its location be it in the same country or further afield etc. This package has been designed for business with 21- 250 users. 


Our Biz Pro package is a hosted VoIP telephone service that can be used from anywhere in the world through any broadband connection, WiFi hotspot or any internet connection to make cheap calls to landlines and mobiles, locally, nationally or internationally. This package is feature rich to give scope for expanding businesses, benefits include cheap calls, voicemail, online account management, do not disturb, call forwarding, multiple languages, instant messaging, enhanced ACD queues  and many more features, all for a low monthly rental of £6.99 per extension. If there is any feature that is not within the package you can request it as an Add On to your package at an amazing price.


Our modern digital VoIP network has 99.99% uptime with high quality telephone calls to landline and mobile networks, from anywhere in the world To anywhere in the world. Any SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) enabled devices can connect to our service, be it a telephone or a mobile. You can connect to our service with a computer, laptop, iPad or tablet via our free Softphone, reducing the need of a desk phone. Such flexibility is essential while travelling because you don't have to pay for expensive roaming charges or calls.


You can simply, quickly and cheaply move your telephone services to our network and have maintenance free, fully functioning, sophisticated hosted VoIP phone system which is safe, secure and reliable for your business. Ordering is effortless via our website or by contacting us directly. All this, is backed by our skilled, friendly and free, UK based Support and Customer Service teams.



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