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Fax 2 Email Unlimited


A traditional facsimile (FAX) is designed for analogue networks, and does not travel well over a VoIP network. This is because a FAX transmission uses the signal differently than a regular voice communication. When VoIP technology tries to digitalise and compresses the analogue voice communication, it’s optimises it for voice transmissions, not for a FAX.


TelOration offers businesses a way around this using a computer based fax with a VoIP system that has fax capabilities. You received faxes directly to your email inbox so there is no need to wait for traditional fax machines to ring, replacing ink cartridges or paper, or worrying about whom might see a confidential fax message.


With this service, you can view your faxes from anywhere you have an internet connection and you can be assured that your faxes will remain confidential.


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