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TelOration Business & Home VoIP Telephony Service



How can I pay for this service?  

The method of payment is via a credit card, debit or bank transfer; your chosen method of payment is set up when you register and then you can start making calls with in 3-5 days when our suppot team configure you account. When your account runs out of funds you just need to log in to your TelOration account to top it up and then you can continue to make calls.  


How long a contact do I need to sign?  

Different packages have a different length of minimum commitment time associated to them. For the TelOration home package there is a minimum commitment time of 3 months but after that you simply pay month by month. If you cancel your plan, you will be billed a cancellation charge if you cancel before the minimum commitment time but if you cancel after the minimum commitment time you will be charged for the month you cancelled in but nothing beyond that. 


Can I change plans at any time?  

Yes, simply log into your account and you’ll see your options. Alternatively you can email us requesting to be put on a new plan and we will update your account.  There is no handling fee to upgrade or downgrade your plan. Please note charges for a new plan will reflect on your bill from the date you move over to the requested plan. 


How many phone numbers do I get?  

Each package comes with a single number unless otherwise stated, however you can easily add more numbers at any time. All of the plans come with at least one (local or national) phone number. Additional numbers will then be charged extra.

Can I keep my existing numbers? 

Generally, we are able to port your number/s to TelOration. The length of time to port a number over will depend on your current provider. Please note there are some providers and certain area codes that we are unable to port over from.


To check if your number is portable, please contact our support team on with details of the number you want to port over.


If your current provider accepts the port, they will provide a date on which the port can take place. We will inform you of the porting date and help you with the changeover plan on your side. Once the number has been ported, it will appear in your My Account section under the DID tab and you will then be able to use the number.

Porting a number over from another provider costs £20 per number (batch porting of numbers will depend on the amount of numbers being ported). Porting requests will only be carried out once your account has been credited with any costs required for porting numbers prior to submitting a request.


You will also need to ensure that all the details you provide for porting a number are accurate as if the port is rejected due to inaccurate details, you will still be charged for the request. If you are unsure of any details that is request from you for a number port, we advise you to contact your current provider for clarification. 


Do I need to buy any hardware?  

No, you are not required to buy hardware as we will provide a softphone for your desktop, laptop, tablet etc and a app for you mobile. However we can provide desk phones if you require them. Please see our product page for details. 


What hidden charges are there?  

There are no hidden surcharges. TelOration is a pay-as-you-go service so you will be fully in control and aware of any costs. You only pay for the calls you make plus the rental per month of the plan you are on. All charges will come with a monthly breakdown so you will be fully aware of what you are paying for. 


Any other questions? 

If you have any questions about the TelOration product or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us

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